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    The Spring Festival long blue bay 】 【 one thousand people The owner higher-ups talent show perfect c Comefrom:HengXun(China)    AddDate:2018-03-29    Hit:6183

    [Long Island] LANWAN thousand important festival Carnival owners coffee talent show the perfect curtain call in January 25, 2017, Spring Festival Gala Sen Bay is about to open, let's laugh played a happy new year! The big stage of the whole people, the song and dance revelry night, invite you to come together! After a year, year to the north, soon to come to Long Island for a world of ice and snow, warm winter! The concept of Double Bay, eat Hot pot, do hot with special purchases for the Spring Festival, festive red. Busy spring festival, Long Island island by owners of talent event, all star team. The song, the dance, the drama, make the stage dream come true. The children of pupil hole Yb "Egyptian dance Doll", so wonderful index to the party to upgrade again, impressive, she is not only on the steps of the perfect interpretation, from that virtually confidence and youth light, more let her become very bright stage star. Let the atmosphere in the meeting live in a moment, the acclaim in the field is continuous, the outside tourists also slow down, want to see exactly. To create a starlight for the Long Island family, everyone can be a star. Show after registration, audition, screening and other sectors, the final selection of pleasing lineup of Long Island island community is also the development of today's 12 interest, the total number of members has over more than 1500 people, and more and more owners around the relatives and friends, had a concern and yearning for the Long Island Blue Bay community life. In 2018 there will be more interest in the agency will form a more colorful, community activities will be held, I believe the future of Long Island island will be more happy, the life of the community will become more colorful. Let's build a more humane and quality of life community, and provide various dreams for every interested and talented person, so that the life of the dream community will be richer and more moving.

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