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    In January 12, 2018, with the GEIL Hengxun Group executives who embark on the banquet hall of Golden Sand Hotel on the red carpet, "peer to peer dream voyage 2018 GEIL Hengxun group will be officially kicked off. This annual meeting activity is divided into three parts, the first part is Hengxun group various departments report and the annual year-end awards for excellence conference, is part of the second employees of theatrical performances, is part of the third GEIL Hengxun group dinner. The year-end report links, Hengxun group company and the project of the Department responsible for the work completed respectively from 2017 to 2017, insufficient work summary and combing the comprehensive system with three aspects of solution and 2018 work plan of the Department's work etc.. Zhang progressive chairman in this link Finally, a summary statement was carried out. Zhang described the grand blueprint for the future development of the company, and pointed out the direction for the development of the company. Through Zhang's speech, the company's determination to develop together with the company has been strengthened. In the final report will, on company performance in the past year staff and outstanding outstanding departments were commended, the sales department 7 people such as Zou Jun won the Best Newcomer Award, the project potential financial department 16 people such as Zhong Xiaojuan won the outstanding staff award, decoration project / Engineering Department Director Zhang Qiteng 10 people get good managers award, project department and other 4 departments received outstanding award, department cost contract Center Manager Wu Libo 4 in the company for over 10 years (or more) of the employees receive Hengxun loyalty award. Wu Libo manager representative The award-winning staff made a speech about the experience of working in the company for more than 10 years. The annual meeting of the Department of year-end and annual awards for excellence on links chaired by the group Human Resource Center Manager Shi Xiaohua, general manager of Hainan GEIL Industrial Co., Ltd. chief financial officer has Lingan and Hainan Star Industrial Development Company Limited Ma Bole attended the meeting. In the staff performance stage, all kinds of performances show carefully, and push the atmosphere of the annual meeting to the climax again and again. It is worth mentioning that the theatrical performances in the program is by the Department staff directed the planning department, produced the musical "Long Island" by Lawan Zhao Bin deputy manager of his own creation, the Department staff in force. The theatrical performance link brilliant, a uniform collective chorus also witty language comic sketches; wonderful mellow dance performances have righteousness masculine boxing, the scene often burst into thunderous applause and cheers. Hainan Star Industrial Company sketch "non honest do not find" Sanyuan Vista property and Lingao branch of the "Qingdiquan" best performance award, the East China market of "dreamers" sketch obtained third-prize program, the Development Department of the comic "Catwalk" won the two prize in the musical "program, the Ministry of planning Long Island island" program to obtain the first prize. At 7 p. m., GEIL Co., Ltd., chairman Peng Yixing of Hainan GEIL Industrial Company, made an important speech. He introduced the GEIL Hengxun group company in Kampuchea industrial layout and development in the future, the company under the firm and firm determination of concentric counterparts dream voyage. GEIL Heng Xun group's staff, important strategic partners and owner representatives participated in the gala dinner. The dinner also set a rich and interesting part of the draw, Long Island Island owners Ms. Huang Guihuai won the grand prize - the ThinkPad notebook computer, many employees are also rewarding. Time flies, time flies, 2017 has become an exciting new chapter in the history of the 2018 is to write a brilliant! Concentric counterparts, dream of sailing, full of youthful spirit GEIL Hengxun, young is the time!

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